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Insulation fabrics

Unaffected by harsh chemicals and constant wet/steam environments

Insulation fabrics

For challenging insulation jacketing applications

What can we offer?

Insulation fabrics are made of the highest quality woven glass fibre coated with PTFE or silicone and used in the manufacturing of elastic thermal insulations, mattresses and insulation cases. They may be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are resistant to weather conditions as well as chemicals, mould, steam and fire. Continuous work temperature for PTFE fabric: -73°C to +260°C, for silicon fabrics: -73°C to +240°C.

Types and dimensions:

  • Width: 1500 mm.
  • Thickness: 0,3 mm to 1 mm.
  • Coated on one or both sides.
  • Standard and anti-static.
  • Laminates available on request.

manufacturing of elastic thermal insulations, mattresses and insulation jackets.

  • Insulation fabrics
  • PTFE fabrics
  • PTFE coated fabrics

Contact with customer consultants

Joanna Chojnacka
  • Export Sales Manager
  • Joanna Chojnacka
  • landline: +48 61 86 93 569
  • mobile: +48 664 918 547
Anastasia Barkova
  • Technical & Sales Advisor
  • Anastasia Barkova
  • landline: +48 61 86 93 572
  • mobile: +48 784 641 074
Martyna Kuske
  • Junior Technical & Sales Advisor
  • Martyna Kuske
  • landline: +48 61 86 93 556
  • mobile: +48 606 335 545
Dmitry Piechocki
  • Technical & Sales Advisor
  • Dmitry Piechocki
  • landline: +48 61 86 93 557
  • mobile: +48 664 041 037
Krzysztof Płóciennik
  • Junior Technical & Sales Advisor
  • Krzysztof Płóciennik
  • landline: +48 61 86 93 570
  • mobile: +48 608 515 894

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High temperature PTFE coated glass fabrics module


PTFE coated glass fabrics

Our fabrics come in rolls, by metres of fabric or in tapes cut to width per client’s request.

Foils coated with teflon with adhesive module


PTFE foils with adhesive

Our offer includes friction-resistant PTFE foils with adhesive for covering tabletops and sealing.

Silicone coated glass fabrics module


Silicone coated glass fabrics

PTFE-coated silicone fabrics included on our offer. Click, to learn more.

Eder protective coating EDROCK module


EDROCK™ coating

EDROCK™ is a PTFE belt coating used by Eder. Click, to read more.

Conveyor belts joints

Belt joints

Our offer includes all the most common belt joint types.

High-temperature belts

Closed fabric and open mesh belts

Our offer includes both types of belts with a variety of guiding systems.

Conveyor belts manufacturer

Experienced team

We were established in 1988. Owing to a highly qualified and perpetually improving team, the services and products we offer meet the highest standards.

Temperature-resistant belts manufacturing

To size

Belts per clients’ specification.

Kevlar belts


Take a look at our manufacturing process.

Conveyor tapes

Our company, manufacturing, offices

Our company consists of its Members, with an “M”. They work in an atmosphere of ideas, co-operation and action that is Falkowo, near Gniezno.

Belts manufactured in 2018

50 350


Last month: 4196 belts

Today: 88 belts

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Manufacturing plant and offices in Falkowo

62-262 Falkowo, near Gniezno
Falkowo 66 A,
12 km from Gniezno,
40 km from Poznan

Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 4PM
Sat-Sun, holidays: closed

Offices and customer consultants

+48 61 86 93 550
+48 61 86 93 551

Office fax

+48 61 86 93 554

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