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Time to say goodbye to plastic


We say goodbye to plastics, saving the environment is our responsibility, globally we are producing more and more waste. We no longer want to be part of it, which is why we have withdrawn from using plastic cups in our company, and frankly we have been using over 35,000 pieces annually.

At the same time, we are building an eco-consciousness of our employees, because only aware, well-trained and committed employees are a guarantee of the effectiveness of actions in reducing our impact on the environment.



Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 


































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Smooth solution for automotive industry

PTFE release liners/processing belts

Car flooring, dashboards, door panels, head liners, trims, trunk carpets…all those parts are made with a help of PTFE coated fabrics. EDER PTFE coated fabrics due to excellent non-stick surface are widely used as release liners and tapes for textile/PU foam fabrics lamination, actuator linings for electromagnetic solenoids and compression moulding of lightweigth automotive components such as SMC, GMT and RMT. Due to our in-house developed modified surface coating for enhances the durability of the belt under extreme conditions.

We do offer PTFE release liners/processing belts that will give you extended operation time and higher number of clean releases compering to competitor fabrics.

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 



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Professional maintenance for any type of high-temperature belt

Consulting, 24/7 on-site visits, technical support

Another successful installation of two belts, 2m x 59m each, this time in France. Our customer is a leading manufacturer of composite structures for automotive industry.

To enhance the belt durability we have implemented EDROCK™ coating which is highly resistance against aggressive media like epoxy-based resins EDROCK™ All belts are strictly inspected (3 step quality process) in our factory before shipping. 

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 




We do offer PTFE coatings on new and used elements

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is resistant to almost all known elements, solvents and chemical compounds. It has the smallest sliding coefficient among all technical materials. It is characterized by low adhesion and the lowest coefficient of friction on all solids.

It is one of the most thermally stable plastics (temperature range: -200 ° C to 260 ° C).

We also regenerate worn off PTFE surface. The PTFE coatings used by us can be applied to various materials such as black steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel or aluminum alloys.

Polytetrafluoroethylene: thermosetting

Excellent non-stick properties
Working temperature up to 260 ° C
Extremely low coefficient of friction
Good abrasion resistance

I cordially invite you to cooperation!

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 

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EDER research laboratory

Professional tensile strength testing.

Offer of the EDER research laboratory

The Zwick Z010 TN ProLine testing machine is a high-quality construction that guarantees precise work, outstanding durability and versatility of applications resulting from changing requirements for ongoing research. Ideally suited for tests in changing conditions requiring loads up to 10 kN.

The mission of our laboratory is continuous development and industry support through the implementation of high quality materials tests.

We conduct specialist strength tests of various materials and materials as well as machine parts based on research procedures agreed with the client, ensuring reliability and confidentiality of the conducted research.

We help various industries:

  • automotive industry
  • electric industry
  • plastic working
  • cosmetics industry
  • food industry
  • textile industry

The machine has a calibration certificate issued by Zwick - Polska Service.

We provide timely and reliable commissioned tests at competitive prices.

Thanks to contacts with certified laboratories, we also provide access to other tests.

I cordially invite you to cooperation!

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 

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Best year in company history

Still a lot of room to run

Last year we have produced 50,350 belts vs 47,873 in 2017. That’s a massive success that was possible with your continued support and encouragement which are appreciated more than you know. We are very grateful for your continued patronage because we wouldn’t be here without you, our loyal Customer. Proudly made in Poland.

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 



Important information

Eder Wojciech Eder and Eder Group Sp. z o.o. inform that this website belongs to both entities mentioned above.

EDER news maintenance

Service of PTFE conveyor belts

24 h / at customer location / technical

If there is a need to set up a customer belt by our specialized and experienced service team, the client is informed about it during a conversation with our sales and technical adviser. An experienced and well-trained service team will provide you with instruction and practical tips on the use of the purchased belt.

We also help to install and repair, if possible at customer location, third party conveyor belts.

If there are any doubts or difficulties during assembly, as well as during the operation of any of our products, it is possible to contact the service directly 24 hours a day at +48 792 993 626

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 

EDER news fair

International Packaging Fair Packaging Innovations 2017

The last edition of Packaging Innovations International Packaging Fair in Warsaw is behind us. We would like to thank you for visiting our stand. In addition to well-known solutions, we presented new products implemented specifically to ensure continuous improvement of the quality and competitiveness of our clients.

Our new "copper" line of PTFE fabrics for welders and packaging machines was the most popular. Thanks to the modified PTFE surface developed by us, we have definitely extended the working time of our belts, which translated into a reduction in the number of downtimes necessary for the retooling of machines.

We would like to thank you for coming to Warsaw and active participation by visiting our stand. Thank you for direct meetings and interesting conversations. We hope that in the future our cooperation will be at least equally fruitful.

Best regards,


Tomasz Kołaczkowski 

Conveyor belts joints

Belt joints

Our offer includes all the most common belt joint types.

High-temperature belts

Closed fabric and open mesh belts

Our offer includes both types of belts with a variety of guiding systems.

Conveyor belts manufacturer

Experienced team

We were established in 1988. Owing to a highly qualified and perpetually improving team, the services and products we offer meet the highest standards.

Temperature-resistant belts manufacturing

To size

Belts per clients’ specification.

Kevlar belts


Take a look at our manufacturing process.

Conveyor tapes

Our company, manufacturing, offices

Our company consists of its Members, with an “M”. They work in an atmosphere of ideas, co-operation and action that is Falkowo, near Gniezno.

Belts manufactured in 2018

50 350


Last month: 4196 belts

Today: 275 belts

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Manufacturing plant and offices in Falkowo

62-262 Falkowo, near Gniezno
Falkowo 66 A,
12 km from Gniezno,
40 km from Poznan

Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 4PM
Sat-Sun, holidays: closed

Offices and customer consultants

+48 61 86 93 550
+48 61 86 93 551

Office fax

+48 61 86 93 554

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